Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Cards

Just poppin in for a quick update so that I can get myself back into better blogging habits (of course if I stopped reading vampire romance/mystery novels I would get more stuff done!)

This is the card that I made for my Mom for Mother's day:
The background is glossy card stock with Alcohol inks.

Here you can see the effect of the metallic mixative:

For my Mother-in-law:

This is a solid image stamp (you know the normal "blank" space is filled in) and I clear embossed the image and then used small pieces of my blending pads to color the image in with distress inks. You'll notice this card says "Thank You" - well I made two of these cards and I forgot to take a pic of the one that said Happy Mothers Day.

Happy Creating!

The stuff:
All stamps are Hero Arts (thanks for letting my borrow your stamps Suz!)


Elizabeth said...

Loved the blending of the distress inks on the 2nd card - I can never manage to create that subtle a blend.

Love the first card too - anything, in fact, with alcohol inks - it's very striking.

whyducks said...

Lovely cards

Lori said...

I just love those Hero Arts stamps. They're in my stash begging for some attention, so thanks for the ideas! lol Beautiful cards, love the AI background!

Starla said...

Love your alcohol ink bg!! (and topped with can you go wrong?!!) And the sponging of color on the solid image....sheesh....why doesn't my pea brain come up with these things?!

anywhere_Smile said...

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