Thursday, January 14, 2010

Manly Valentine?

The ISC Design Team was asked to create a Manly Valentine (insert nail biting here). I always have a tough time making the dreaded "Man Card". I always feel so limited - watch your colors, no ribbon, only masculine hardware, no glitter, stickles, bling...

My first attempt was a simple one layer card using Kraft card stock (now that is manly right?).
Manly Hearts:

The second attempt I used a technique called Retiform (here is the SCS tutorial).
You Own the Keys:

All you need to try this technique is post its, ink, glossy paper, and sponges.

Check back in tomorrow for a Girlie fix!


Stamps - All My Love, I Heart For You, Make a Note, Photo Negative


Sabrina aka okimom2girlz said...

Kat, absoulely stunning cards!!! Love the first man....manly it with the twine and the sentiments hanging on the hardware like cool. The second card....WOW....that is about all I can say! This technique you've used is amazing. You surely rocked those new sets. Hugs, Sabrina

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