Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Back

Where have I been?

Let's see - a trip to see Tim Holtz in Boston.... Making Christmas gifts... holiday baking.... holiday decorating.... holiday shopping... holiday parties.... Oh let's squeeze Thanksgiving in there too.... Yeah that about sums it up!

Overall I am in great shape for Christmas - some shopping left and wrapping and a little more holiday baking... Oh and let's not forget addressing and mailing my cards... Not too bad considering there's 19 days until the big day!

Betsy over at Innovative Stamp Creations asks us to create a little desk calendar that could be a quick and easy gift for someone. So here is what I created:

The back piece is two unfinished pressed paper coasters linked together with little grunge paper hinges. The Holly and calendar pieces are clipped on and can be changed for each month/season. I used Tim's lost and found paper for the month because my printer is not working and I could not print out the "real" months.

Another view of the Holly - I used vintage text on grunge paper and then inked with distressed inks to create the Holly and berries and some distress stickles:


Close up of tree panel:

Here's the backing without the clipped on pieces:

Happy Creating!


The Stuff:
Stamps - All Innovative Stamp Creations - Angelical Holidays, Marvels of Nature III, Odd Findings, Distressed Script, Textures and Sentiments
Other - Distress Inks, grunge paper, idea-ology hardware


Lori said...

This is gorgeous, of course. I love that holly. And thanks for reminding me there are only 19 days left...

Barbara said...

Kat, love your calendar.

donna said...

This is a wonderful little calender. Happy Holidays!

Sandra said...

wow, I LOVE your style, very nice!

Nancy said...

Oh, this is wonderful!!
Glad to see you back in blogland!

Joanne (jojot) said...

truly gorgeous,

Helen said...

This is very unique. I love this calendar. Thanks for the inspiration.

Karen said...

What a brilliant idea: Love the idea of being able to create different panels and change the months as they pass.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great gift idea!! I didn't make anything for Christmas this year. I just didn't feel like it. But I've been making notes for my Christmas organizer for next year and I think I'll make this one. Maybe if I do one month each month.... Beautiful beautiful calendar!

Anonymous said...

luv your calendar! cher from ATT