Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rose Tree

This is a release week for Innovative Stamp Creations and there are some fun things planned - you know like a blog hop, discount codes, new rubber and a chance to win TWO FREE stamps sets (who doesn‘t want new rubber)…

But I get a little ahead of myself - today I am showing just one card made from the new stamps and you’ll have to wait for the rest…

Rose Tree:

The background is Alcohol Inks and Metallic Mixatives, the “tree” is embossed with brown embossing powders and the mini roses are Grunge Paper. What you can’t tell in the picture is that each rose is stamped with a different image - script, bingo card and cracks.

Tip - It is important to emboss the image over the background or the Metallic Mixative will bleed through your image.

Have a great Sunday!

The Stuff:
Stamps - (all Innovative Stamp Creations) Flourishing Ivy, Memories of Patriotism, Arty Backgrounds, About Me
Ink - Spice Marmalade Distress Inks (Tim Holtz, Ranger); Sepia Archival (Ranger), VersaMark
Paper - Glossy, White, Choc Chip (SU)
Other - Grunger Paper (Tim Holtz - idea-ology), Chestnut EP (American Crafts), Copper Mist (Tattered Angels); Stream, Sky Blue Silver Metallic Mixatives Alcohol Inks (Tim Holtz - Ranger)


Sherry Goodloe said...

Gorgeous . . . simply GORGEOUS!

Connie said...

Absolutly STUNNING, Kathy!! Love your "tree" and those roses!!

heather said...

wow! the roses are amazing! I adore the tiny hinges too!

heather said...

me again :) I would love instructions for the roses! you could leave another comment or would you rather have my email? And I will definately check out your blog giveaway tomorrow, thanks!

Kathy Eddy said...

This is a great card. I love your background! Kathy Eddy

Shelly Hickox said...

Very cool! I really need to try making these roses - yours are fantastic.

tiger said...


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